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Payroll Saving

What is it?

A payroll saving scheme works in the same way that a pension scheme does; saving directly with a local credit union from wages or salary.


The Benefits

How can this help?

Employees who save regularly and manage their money well are more likely to cope with unexpected bills, reducing staff stress.


The Credit Union Consortium

Why choose us?

The consortium is a not-for-profit, community based organisation, that can help you improve your employees’ financial well-being

What is Payroll Saving?

The best way to think of a payroll savings scheme is in the same way that a pension payment is made; directly from wages or salary. A link is set up between the credit union and the payroll department of the organisation. Members of staff sign up and open a credit union account and then specify a savings amount to be deducted each month or week. The amount is deducted from the net salary (after tax) and transferred directly into their credit union account.

Why use the Credit Union Consortium?

The Credit Unions in our Consortium offer ethical, local investments meaning that your organisation is positively engaging in the local community at no extra cost to your business. Payroll Saving offers a simple, convenient route to saving.

Employees who save regularly and manage their money well are more likely to cope with unexpected bills and are shown to have lower levels of stress. This, in turn, leads to a higher level of productivity and motivation, and a reduction in staff absence.

By offering a cost-free staff benefit, employers can enhance the package available to their employees while improving the prospects of staff recruitment and retention.

Our consortium Credit Unions foster a responsible attitude towards credit and financial solutions. By supporting a not-for-profit, community based organisation, your company can increase its corporate social responsibility profile while strengthening employee relationships.



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What our members say

The Consortium

Members of the Consortium


Consortium Member

East Kilbride Credit Union

East Kilbride Credit Union Ltd is an ethical financial co-operative owned and run by its members who save together and have access to affordable credit.

Consortium Member

West Lothian Credit Union

West Lothian Credit Union offers savings and loans to anyone who lives or works in West Lothian


Consortium Member

Castle Community Bank

Castle Community Bank serves anyone living or working in the EH postcode area.


Consortium Member

Kingdom Community Bank

Kingdom Community Bank serves everyone who lives or works in Fife.


Consortium Member

1st Alliance (Ayrshire) Credit Union

1st Alliance (Ayrshire) Credit Union is a community owned financial service provider within Ayrshire.

Consortium Partner

Carnegie Trust

The Carnegie UK Trust works to improve the lives of people throughout the UK and Ireland.

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